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Foot & Skin Treatment in Clifton Hill

Founded by Erica Michaelson, Clifton Hill Podiatry is your one stop shop for all foot and lower limb problems

Trusted & Respected

Having been a trusted and respected Podiatrist in the Clifton Hill area for over forty years Erica has seen it all and successfully treated it all.

Whether you have foot pain, heal pain, plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails, bunions, calluses, corns, fungal infections, warts, Achilles issues or needing ongoing foot care for diabetes Clifton Hill Podiatry is here for you.

Specialised Foot Care

Clifton Hill Podiatry specialises in all things foot related with a keen interest in children's foot health and preventative care, skin and nail conditions of the feet, as well as sports and dance related injuries.

Our range of services cover every aspect of foot health, whether it be treating and assessing vascular and neurological deficits in chronic diseases affecting feet, evaluation of mechanical issues, manufacture of prescription orthotics through to advice on appropriate and specific footwear for your feet.

Our aim for all of our clients at Clifton Hill Podiatry is for them to remain active and healthy preventing future complications and pain, injury joint degeneration and surgery.

How We Can Help

  • Treat and assess vascular and neurological deficits
  • Diagnose skin, nail disorders and treatment
  • Evaluate issues leading to foot/leg pains
  • Manufacture prescription orthotics
  • Gait Analysis
  • Treat children, adults and aged care clients
  • Perform nail surgery for recurrent ingrown nails
  • Treat wart infections
  • Prescribe prescription medicines
  • Shoe/footwear advice
  • Treat veteran affairs clients
  • Fungal nail infection

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